Yu.V. Zinchenko Efficacy of sinus rhythm restoration and maintenance in patients with long-lasting persistent atrial flutter.

We performed retrospective analysis of 34 cases of long-lasting persistent non-valvular type I atrial flutter (AF) (mean duration 1.3 years), among them 29 – in men and 5 – in women. Efficacy of transesophageal cardiac stimulation and electric cardioversion for sinus rhythm restoration was 82.4%. Drug cardioversion was ineffective in all patients, while electric cardioversion was effective in 75% cases. All patients were divided into groups: 1 – patients maintenance of sinus rhythm one year after cardioversion (n=15), and 2 – patients, in whom cardioversion was ineffective or in whom sinus rhythm was not restored after recurrent paroxysm (n=19). In 86.7% patients of group 1 preventive antiarrhythmic drug treatment was not needed. In group 2 maximal frequency (20.6%) of recurrent arrhythmia paroxysms was registered during first month after sinus rhythm
restoration, more often – in women (Р=0.04), patients with concomitant atrial fibrillation (Р=0.004), thyroid dysfunction (Р=0.01), as well as with lower A wave amplitude at esophageal electrogram (Р=0.007).

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