G.D. Radchenko, I.M. Martsovenko, Yu.M. Sirenko Evaluation of cardiovascular risk by physicians in patients with arterial hypertension: would lectures help to improve situation.

The aim of study was to evaluate would the routine lectures help the doctors to assess the cardiovascular hypertensive patient risk better. This routine lectures were organized with support of pharmaceutical company
and were done by specialists in the field of hypertension. We included physicians who treated arterial hypertension in Sumy region of Ukraine. The lectures were devoted to the following issues: why it is important to
evaluate the cardiovascular risk, how to evaluate the risk right, how this evaluation could influence the management of hypertensive patients. The month before and immediately after these lectures the physicians
were asked to assess the cardiovascular risk in hypertensive patients in 5 situation tasks. It was established that baseline physician’s knowledge of cardiovascular risk evaluation is insufficient – only a half of physicians could evaluate risk right and nobody could do it in all tasks. We noted differences in risk evaluation depending on specialization (cardiologist or others) and length of working. The providing of such kind of lectures did not help to improve physician’s ability to evaluate the cardiovascular risk right. After lectures the percentage of right very high and moderate risk evaluation decreased. But the percentage of high risk evaluation increased.

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