K.Е. Farsalinos, F. Cibella, P. Caponnetto, D. Campagna, J.B. Morjaria, E. Battaglia, M. Caruso, C. Russo, R. Polosa. Effect of continuous smoking reduction and abstinence on blood pressure and heart rate in smokers switching to an alternative source of nicotine

The aim – to study the effect of smoking reduction and quit smoking on blood pressure (BD) and heart rate (HR) in apparently healthy adult smokers switching to alternative source of nicotine.
Material and methods. The prospective (12-monthes) controlled randomized clinical trail consisting nine office visits included 300 participants switching to e-cigarettes. BP and HR changes was compared among (1) different study groups ( users of high, low and zero nicotine products) and (2) pooled continuous smoking phenotype classification (some phenotype from week 12 to 52), with paticipants classified as quitters (completely quit smoking), reducers (знак равно больше 50 % reduction in smoking consumption) and failures (< 50 % or no reduction in smoking consumption). Additionaly, the latter comparison was repeated in a subgroup of participants with elevated BP at baseline. Results. No significant changes were observed among study routs for systolic BP, diastolic BP, and HR. In 145 subject with a continuous smoking phenotype, we observed lower systolic BP at week 52 compared to baseline. When the same analysis was repeated in 66 subjects with elevated BP at baseline, a substantial reduction in systolic BP was observed at week 52 compared to baseline. Afteradjusting for weight change, gender and age, reduction in systolic BP from baseline at week 52 remains associated significantly with both smoking reduction and smoking abstinence. Conclusion. Smokers who reduce or quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes may Lowe their systolic BP in the long term, and this reduction is apparent in smokers with elevated BP. E-cigarettes use appeas to be a less harmful alternative to tobakco smoking.

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