T.A. Mangiliova, Yu.E. Pavlovskii, Ye.A. Pastukhova Hemodynamic and cerebrovascular reactivity characteristics in carotid and vertebrobasilar circulation in patients with first degree arterial hypertension.

To reveal hemodynamic and vascular reactivity characteristics in large cerebral arteries belonging to vertebrobasillary and carotid circulation ultrasound duplex scanning of extracranial parts of carotid and vertebral
arteries and transcranial scanning of large cerebral arteries were performed in 53 patients with first degree arterial hypertension and 36 persons with optimal or normal blood pressure. Peak systolic flow velocities in
vertebral arteries were lower in women with arterial hypertension than in normotensive subjects. Basilar artery vasodilatation reserve in both men and women was lower in main than in control group. There were multidirectional unstable changes in carotid circulation in patients with arterial hypertension. Medial cerebral artery vasomotor reactivity was similar in hypertensive and normotensive persons. These findings suggest
changes in hemodynamic parameters and vertebrobasillary circulation in patients with first degree arterial hypertension which are more prominent in women with increased blood pressure.

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