O.М. Kovalyova, T.V. Ashcheulova, S.V. Ivanchenko, O.V. Honchar. Relation of chemerin serum levels to metabolic disorders in patients with essential hypertension

The aim – to investigate relation of chemerin serum levels to metabolic disorders in hypertensive patients depending on body mass index (BMI).

Material and methods. 82 hypertensive patients (including 39 persons with accompanying obesity) have been observed; chemerin serum levels were evaluated in all patients in addition to standard biochemical methods and anthropometrical measurements.

Results. It was found that chemerin serum levels were significantly higher in all groups of hypertensive patients vs control group, regardless of accompanying obesity. It has been shown that relatively low average levels of serum chemerin and BMI were associated with less pronounced dyslipidemia; increasing chemerin concentration or BMI was associated with significant decrease in high density lipoproteins levels with a tendency to increase of atherogenic index. The relation between higher serum chemerin levels in hypertensive patients to accompanying obesity and diabetes mellitus and decreased kidney function has been revealed.

Conclusion. These data suppose chemerin involvement in pathogenesis of metabolic disorders in hypertensive patients with accompanying obesity.

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