I.E. Malynovska, V.О. Shumakov, N.M. Tereshchenko . Physical rehabilitation in the complex treatment of patients after myocardial infarction.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a sum of multidisciplinary activities aiming at restoration of the patient’s physical activity, reducing disability and return to work. The widespread use of effective medicines along with primary percutaneous interventions have created illusion and, perhaps, a hope for the solution of many problems in the treatment of this category of patients and diminished the role cardiac rehabilitation. Despite complexity of cardiac rehabilitation activities, including matters of secondary prevention, physical rehabilitation remains one of its most important components. Data on cardiac rehabilitation in patients with myocardial infarction in different countries are presented. The highest coverage of patients with cardiac rehabilitation activities is achieved at the 1st stage. At the same time in different countries there are differences related to the duration of the program stages, the number of patients involved, indications, contraindications and nosologies. Different types of physical rehabilitation and physical training programmes are described. Well-designed and well-executed cardiac rehabilitation programs contribute to significant reduction in overall mortality, cardiovascular mortality, recurrent coronary events, readmissions, improve quality of life of patients and accelerate their return to work.

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