M.M. Mursalov Features of arterial hypertension in the male population of internally displaced persons aged 20–59 years living in the city of Sumgait

The aim – to study the peculiarities of arterial hypertension (AH) among internally displaced persons males aged 20–59 years living in the city of Sumgait.

Material and methods. We studied males in the age of 20–59 years living in Sumgait and being internally displaced persons. We randomly selected groups of 500 persons each in age groups: 20–29, 30–39, 40–49 и 50–59 years. The final sample included 71,8 % patients that underwent complete study protocol.

Results. Amonth the surveyed subjects without AH the level of blood pressure was 118.7±0.5/75.8±0.3 mm Hg. The prevalence of AH increased along with age, from minimal level at 20–29 years (7.4±1.7 %), to maximal at 50–59 years (67.8±3.3 %; Р<0.001). The highest increase of the prevalence was found in the range from 40–49 to 50–59 years – more than 2 times (accordingly, 33.8±3.3 and 67.8±3.3 %; Р<0.001). Conclusions. It has been found that the presence of AH was observed in 31.8±1.6 % of surveyed individuals, including 15,8 % with isolated systolic hypertension. Optimal level of blood pressure was registered in 29.5 % patients, normal – in 12,0 %, high normal blood pressure – in 2.0 %. In the structure of AH most commonly there was observed AH stage I – 85.22 %, followed by AH stage II – 10.5 % and 4.73 % were AH III degree. Among patients with AH only 34.18 % received treatment, in only 3.6 % the treatment was effective.

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