G.I. Nechayeva, Yu.V. Теreshchenko, Ye.N. Loginova, M.I. Shupina The experience of diurnal blood pressure monitoring in the diagnosis of transient arterial hypertension in young subjects

The aim of the research was to study the characteristics of the circadian blood pressure (BP) in young patients with transient hypertension of the first degree. BP monitoring was carried out in 361 patients aged 18–28 years with transient increase of office BP over 140/90 mmHg (essential hypertension, first degree), low and moderate risk of the cardiovascular disease. High prevalence of circadian rhythm disorders having adverse impact on prognosis, BP variability, as well as increased pressure load (time index) in the presence of the normal values of the average systolic and diastolic blood pressure during the day and certain time slots were shown.

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