V.M. Kornatskyi, I.V. Tretiak, V.V. ChaplinskaFeatures of emotional state of patients with arterial hypertension.

The study aim was to determine the characteristics of emotional state and quality of life in 187 random patients (91 males, 96 females) with and without hypertension, and 34 patients (10 male, 24 female) with essential hypertension (EH) 1–2 grade, who received hospital treatment. In men the levels of anxiety and depression were almost identical in groups with and without hypertension and were within normal limits. In women with normal blood pressure mean level of anxiety and depression also remained within normal limits, although it was higher than in men. Arterial hypertension in women was accompanied by increase in the average levels of anxiety and depression, and the average level of anxiety beyond the limits of normal values. In patients who received hospital treatment the emotional disorders were revealed in 87–95 % cases and were much more pronounced than in outpatients. Levels of anxiety and depression did not depend on age. In all patient groups increased levels of anxiety and depression were accompanied by the deterioration of quality of life. In outpatients quality of life was largely influenced by depression, and in inpatients – anxiety. These data suggest the need for investigation and correction of mental and emotional state of hypertensive inpatients.

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