O.S. Sychov, L.A. Shabilyanova, Ye.V. Mogilnitskii, S.V. Lizogub, O.A. Lobko Parameters of heart rate variability in patients with atrial fibrillation depending on the state of cardiac hemodynamics and clinical symptoms.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the parameters of heart rate variability in patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation (AF). We examined 167 patients, average age 53.8±0.9 years, among them 113 patients with paroxysmal and persistent AF without significant structural heart disease. The control group included 16 patients with hypertension, 18 patients with chronic coronary artery disease without AF and 20
patients of control group (healthy men without any cardiaс pathology and AF). Diastolic dysfunction and left atrial dilatation were most significant in patients with adrenergic type of paroxysmal AF. We observed decrease of HRV temporal indices in patients with left atrial dilatation, of temporal and spectral parameters of HRV – in patients with diastolic dysfunction. Increasing severity of AF symptoms (EHRA classes) was associated with deterioration of HRV temporal parameters.

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