M.G. Il’yash, O.E. Bazyka N.V. Dovganych, L.I. Zelenenka, E.S. Starshova.Peculiarities of intracardial hemodynamics in patients with essential hypertension and mitral regurgitation.

The aim of the study was to evaluate intracardial haemodynamics parameters and remodeling of left and right heart in patients with essential hypertension (EH) of II stage with concentric left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy and mitral regurgitation (MR). 53 patients with EH and concentric LV hypertrophy were observed. Methods of investigation included blood pressure monitoring, transthoracic echocardiography, pulsed-wave, colour Dopplerography. MR 2nd stage was associated with left atrial remodeling studied by indexed volume, diameter and square parameters, as well as decreased left atrial ejection fraction. LV diastolic dysfunction was related to MR stage – it’s increase to stage 2 was associated with significant increase of LV early filling. In these patients increase of the right atrial diameter and square, right ventricular pressure, tricuspidal regurgitation, diminished acceleration time of pulmonary artery flow are the signs of initial pulmonary hypertension. MR 2nd stage was combined with complicated EH natural course, LV diastolic dysfunction increase and development of most unfavorable night-peaker type of blood pressure profile. In conclusion, the severity of MR in EH determines left and right heart remodeling stage.

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