Y.V. Zinchenko, M.R. Ikorkin, А.A. Borodai.Predictors of sinus rhythm maintenance 6 months after cardioversion in patients with typical atrial flutter.

The purpose of the study was to determine clinical and echocardiographic predictors of sinus rhythm maintenance in patients with typical atrial flutter (AFl) 6 months after cardioversion. We examined 96 patients with typical AFl: 80 (83.3 %) males and 16 (16.7 %) females, mean age 59.2±0.8 years. In 76 (79.2 %) patients sinus rhythm was restored by transesophageal stimulation, in 3 (3.1 %) cases – by electrical cardioversion. According to the sinus rhythm maintenance patients were divided into two groups: 1st (n=59) – sinus rhythm maintenance at 6 months after cardioversion, and 2nd (n=37) – recurrence of arrthythmia. The second group was characterized by significantly higher rates of coronary artery disease (52.5 vs 75.7 %; Р=0.03), arterial hypertension (40.1 % vs 67.6 %; Р=0.009) and concomitant atrial fibrillation (10.2 vs 75.7 %, Р<0.0001), higher tachycardia cycle length (247.0±3.3 vs 259.0±4.8 ms; Р=0.04) and lower A wave amplitude on the transesophageal electrogramme (16.3±0.7 vs 12.1±1.3; Р=0.01). In conclusion, patients with early recurrence of the AFl had significantly higher rate of concomitant cardiac diseases and electrophysiological remodeling of the atrium.

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