Ye.A. Kvasha Quality and quantity characteristics of alcohol consumption in male population and their dynamics: data from the epidemiological surveys.

The aim of the epidemiological survey was to study the structure of men alcohol consumption (frequency, volume, beverages) according and estimate the dynamics of these indicators for the 10-years period. Drinking
habits were established in the course of two cross-sectional epidemiological surveys of random samples of men aged 20–64 years in Kyiv performed 10 years apart. The number of investigated men in 2000 was 997, in 2010 – 1009. After 10 years the number of men consuming alcohol (ALC) during one year has generally decreased (from 93.2 to 84.2%, Р<0.001). The average amount of alcohol recalculated on pure ethanol significantly decreased from 19.54±0.98 to 17.60±0.10, P<0.05). The number of people consuming excessive amounts of ALC decreased from 36.9 to 31.9%. The revealed changes are characteristic for all age groups. In all age decades the increased percentage of people consuming ALC several times a week or daily increased (generally from 26.8 to 31.8%, P<0.05). Despite some positive changes of type of alcohol consumption it is still typical for men in Ukraine to consume large doses of strong alcohol from time to time, with increase of its role as a risk factor of total and cardiovascular mortality.

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