B.М. Todurov, V.Yu. Kundin, О.Е. Nobis Contemporary possibilities of myocardial scyntigraphy in the diagnosis of left ventricular myocardium pathology

Myocardial scyntigraphy (MSG) makes possible to reveal disturbancies of myocardial perfusion at early stage of the disease, to evaluate severity of the pathological process in patients with ischemic heart disease and to establish treatment tactics. Sensitivity and specificity of MSG in the evaluation of myocardial ischemia is 80–90 %, postinfarction changes – 100 %. Contrary to the coronary angiography providing information about
prevalence and severity of the coronary stenoses, MSG reflects myocardial dysfunction at the stenosis location. Therefore, MSG should be used at the early stages of the myocardial perfusion evaluation, together with
traditional methods of functional diagnostics and Doppler echocardiography.

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