L.A. Mishchenko The state of nontraditional cardiovascular risk factors in pathogenesis of essential hypertension.

The purpose of the study – to investigate the state of nontraditional cardiovascular risk factors and its relationship with blood pressure (BP) in essential hypertensive (EH) patients. 297 EH patients was underwent complex clinical examination, 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring, blood test (C-reactive protein, uric acid, fibrinogen, glucose, immunoreactive insulin, lipid profile, malonic dialdehyde, activity of superoxide dismutase) and 24-hour urine (microalbuminuria (MAU)). 62 normotensive subjects constituted the control group. It was demonstrated that EH was associated with activation of nonspecific systemic inflammation, oxidative stress in combination with decreased of antioxydative enzyme activity, metabolic disturbance and MAU. Plasma C-reactive protein and uric acid demonstrated independent positive correlation with office and ambulatory BP after adjusting for age and central obesity. Significant relation, independent from traditional cardiovascular risk factors, was found between MAU, fibrinogen and ambulatory BP level.

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