V.І. Tseluyko, A.V. Zhadan, E. Zedginidze. Galectin-3 and reverse cardiac remodeling after surgical treatment of mitral insufficiency.

The aim – to study the relation between level of galectin-3 prior to surgery and further dynamics of echocardiography parameters and 6-minute walk test in patients with mitral insufficiency.

Material and methods. The study included 48 patients with mitral valve insufficiency. The mean age was 57.5±12.4 years. During the study all patients underwent standard diagnostic examination, including medical history, physical examination, 12-channel electrocardiogram, transthoracic echocardiography to evaluate systolic function and structural heart disease, determination of the galectin-3 level and 6-minute walk test.

Results. The mitral valve surgery had beneficial effect on clinical manifestations and echocardiography parameters. Statistically significant reduction of the size of left atrium and left ventricle was noted. Positive dynamics of the size of left ventricle was observed at 6 months after surgery in group with level of galectin-3 ≤ 18.2 ng/mL. The end diastolic volume decreased in this group from 47.3±5.8 to 34.5±3.9 mm (Р<0.05), end systolic volume – from 65.4±8.0 to 50.8±5.1 mm (Р<0.05). At the same time, EF increased from 52.4±6.7 to 59.3±4.6 %. The results of the 6-minute walk test showed significant increase of the exercise tolerance after surgery. Conclusions. Surgical treatment of mitral regurgitation provides improvement of the structure and function of the heart chambers, as evidenced by the dynamics of echocardiography at 6 months after surgery.

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