V.I. Tseluyko, A.V. Zhadan, O.A. Romanenko Influence of surgical treatment on course of heart failure in valvular heart disease

We examined 47 patients (30 men and 17 women), age from 23 to 72 years (average age (54.7±12.0) years) before and after surgical treatment of valve disease. In this research we analyzed complaints, results of
echocardiography, 6­minutes walking test in patients with valvular heart disease before, 1 and 6 month after surgical treatment. We found relation between the type of valve disease, severity of complaints and dynamics of
echocardiographic indexes. Already in 6 months after valve replacement the sizes of left atrium diminished which was accompanied by the improvement of functional class of heart failure according to the result of
6­minutes walking test.

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