V.N. Kovalenko, M.P. Boichak, V.N. Sosnitskyi, I.А. Chaikovskyi, G.V. Miasnikov, D.V. Riabenko, А.R. Sapozhnikov, Т.V. Sosnitskaya, S.V. CherniukChanges of heart magnetocardiographic mapping markers in patients with focal myocarditis

The aim of this work was to analyse diagnostic value of several recently developed MCG markers, reflecting disturbances in time-spatial organization of myocardial excitation in patients with myocardial damage of
inflammatory origin. Thirty two young patients (mean age (23.0±2.4) year) with acute focal myocarditis were examined. The control group consisted of 34 healthy volunteers (mean age (36.0±6.4) year). 17 markers, reflecting time organization of excitation and 6 markers, reflecting spatial structure of excitation were investigated. Values of majority of markers differed highly significantly in groups examined. The reason for these differences is increased electrical heterogeneity in myocardium of patients with myocarditis. Thus, MCG investigation might be a useful tool for differential diagnosis of noncoronarogenic heart diseases in clinical practice.

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