O.O. Kvasha, V.I. Kazmiruk Patient-dependent factors of unsatisfactory control of blood pressure among villagers

The purpose of investigation was to define barriers from patient side that prevent effective control of blood pressure (BP) at the phase of the first medical aid. It was established that only 29.3 % patients receive
antihypertensive medicines regularly. Patients’ opinion about increased BP as a natural result of age largely explains considerable number of subjective reasons for irregular treatment, including interruption of medical
treatment after normal BP attained, “forgetfulness” (25.8 %), attempts to manage with non-traditional medicines (9.3 %) and point of view that regular medical treatment is not compulsory (10.1 %). Almost 40 % patients
mentioned the high price of medicine as a reason for irregular treatment. Among the patient-dependent barriers to the regular antihypertensive medical treatment the most important were price of the drugs, insufficient understanding of the regular treatment benefit and lack of ability of self-measurement of BP at home. The most important factors determining cooperation with physician is a trust to the physician, physician’s attitude to the patient and fear to inform the physician about missing of the drug dosages.

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