I.O. Zhyvylo, G.D. Radchenko, Yu.M. Sirenko. Is national registry of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension currently required?

The aim – to analyze one-year data from registry of patients with different forms of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PАH).

Material and methods. The data of 64 patients with PАH were registered from May 2014 to August 2015: idiopathic PAH – 22 patients (34.4 %), PAH associated with congenital heart diseases – 23 (35.9 %), chronic thromboembolic PАH – 12 (18.8 %), PAH associated with connective tissue diseases – 5 (7.8 %), PAH associated with portal hypertension – 2 (3.1 %).

Results. The majority of patients were young subjects < 44 years (70.3 %). Women had PH more often than men (with ratio of 3 : 1) in all groups, except patients with chronic thromboembolic PАH (with ratio 1 : 2). During treatment in the center, the condition of most of the patients (59.38 %) complied to III functional class (FC) according to the WHO classification, 17 patients had FC II (26.56 %), 9 (14.06 %) – FC IV. PA systolic pressure determined by right heart catheterization was in average 90.8±4.05 mm Hg. Conclusions. Taking into account one-year data of a single center registry of patients with PАH, we can conclude that in Ukraine, patients with PАH require earlier diagnosis and more adequate specific therapy, including combined one, to improve quality of life, decrease hospitalizations and mortality.

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